Month: March 2016

Strategies For Ensuring Ongoing Industry Compliance

download (22)Making sure that you are compliant with the standards of your industry is important for avoiding serious penalties and fines. It is vital to note that industry regulations are designed for keeping people safe and for promoting ethical business practices. Thus, concerted efforts to remain compliant can also bode well for companies in terms of both productivity and their overall commercial images.

It is important to have a clear outline of all the specifications for compliance that your companies must adhere to. You cannot adhere to the regulations of your industry if you do not know what they are. Create an outline of these and all the areas that they encompass and then distribute this outline to all relevant personnel including department managers and safety control officers.

Start shopping for an innovative compliance software that can be integrated with all other programs that are designed to assist with overall operations management. This will simplify the entire process while ensuring that no single area of your operations is neglected and overlooked. It will also establish accountable by providing a platform for tracking all compliance efforts and the parties responsible for implementing and maintaining them

Hire a compliance manager who can oversee these efforts and all the related responsibilities. If necessary, staff your company with two or more of these professionals. This way, your trained talent is never juggling multiple responsibilities and struggling to find the time to handle these efforts.

Make sure that all of your employees have received adequate training, particularly your most recent hires. As your business grows and changes, you must make sure that all adaptations are on par with the expectations of regulatory bodies. This is one of the most common reasons for companies being penalised and fined.

Schedule regular meetings and reviews so that all parties can be made abreast of any areas in which your organisation has fallen behind the industry standard. If problems have arisen, you can address them at this time. You can also solicit suggestions and feedback from workers at all levels of your organization for improving these processes.

Take stock of your supply chain to ensure that any companies you are outsourcing to are compliant themselves. When you outsource as part of your supply chain, you lose a certain amount of control over how compliant your efforts are overall. That is one of the top reasons why it is vital to choose businesses to outsource to with tremendous research and care. If you don’t, you could wind up being responsible for mistakes that aren’t actually your own.

Whether you are using waste water filtration services or mere payroll services to assist in the completion of important and ongoing business operations, it is important to remain cognizant of the impact that these professionals can have on your business and your brand reputation. Failure to comply on the part of these entities can have serious repercussions all around. Thus, you should only ever work with companies that have diligent quality control measure in place and that are just as knowledgeable of industry regulations as you are.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction With DevOps

download (21)DevOps is one of the latest buzzwords in the market today. At the enterprise level, the leadership team is focusing more on moving their projects to DevOps mode that benefits their customers in providing a quick feedback to the development teams to work on the changes and deliver the desired service/product.

DevOps are on the broader terms is an approach based on lean and agile practices in which development teams, operations and testing teams communicate and collaborate to deliver the product/service in a continuous manner to reach out to the end customer that helps them to seize the market opportunities. This provides a chance to receive timely feedback and incorporate the changes in a quick manner. DevOps as a concept emphasizes communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations to enable faster and reliable deliverables to the end client in reduced timelines. This way the execution gaps in a project can be controlled and togetherness can be brought in within the groups working on the project.

Unlike traditional software applications, which are designed with massive data and reliability and can satisfy the customer with one or two releases a year, the current web & mobile application demand continuous delivery and required intense focus on user experience, agility and speed that they reach to the market as end users directly use the system. DevOps enables all these, in an organized way with integrated teams and continuous feedback within and between the groups.

DevOps enable faster delivery to the markets, enhanced customer satisfaction and improved capacity to innovate within the teams. Agile environment enables enterprises to build quality into every individual increment of the application delivered where in with DevOps the whole execution process can be streamlined with reliable, fast and quality products to the market.

Principles of DevOps:

In one of the technical forum’s the following principles of DevOps are published by IBM and the list is still evolving based on the learnings and practices set up at the enterprise level.

• Develop and test against production like environments
• Deploy with repeatable, reliable processes
• Monitor and validate operational quality
• Amplify feedback loops

The goal is to allow development and quality assurance (QA) teams to develop and test against systems that behave like the production system, so that they can see how the application behaves and performs well before it’s ready for deployment. In the same note, automation is necessary to create repeatable and reliable processes.

Unlike traditional monitoring applications in a siloed and disconnected manner at the production end, DevOps suggest to push the process earlier in the lifecycle to monitor the quality and functionalities at development and testing phases that provides early warning about operational and quality issues that may occur in production. Quick feedback and rapid learning from the actions enable fast and reliable deliverables with improved communication within the teams and winning the trust factor of the end customer.

DevOps propose the adoption of the plan, develops, test, deploy and operate in a continuous manner to meet the tight deadlines and to rollout the application to the end market for their feedback for continuous improvement.

10 Benefits of Hiring an Outstanding French Caterer

images (5)Although French food is generally a win for many different types of special occasion it is essential to make sure that you hire a quality caterer. Here are 10 benefits of hiring an outstanding French caterer compared with some of the more budget options on the market.

The first reason is that a quality caterer is far more likely to offer more authentic food. Whether this is the perfect crepe made in a crepe bar with popular French fillings, or classic dishes such as paupiettes de veau or moules marinieres, authenticity is the key to guests enjoying the experience as much as possible.

This leads to the second main benefit of hiring a quality caterer, and that is that well trained chefs are much more likely to deliver a high standard of food. The best caterers will have professionally trained chefs – often with training in France – which will mean that you get authentic, high quality, delicious food provided by genuine professionals in French cooking.

The third benefit of hiring an outstanding French caterer and not a budget one is that you will be able to leave guests with some spectacular memories of the great food that they have tasted. Although choosing a high class caterer can be more expensive, the reality is that this can actually meant happier guests in the long run, which can be worth the investment alone.

The fourth benefit of hiring an outstanding French caterer is that these professional do not necessarily have to be the most expensive option around, with many of them offering variations of their service that are more affordable for different types of events. If you cannot afford a full dinner from a top caterer, instead look for some of their less expensive options such as crepe bars, French dessert bars, light lunches or breakfasts instead. This is a way of bring a touch of luxury to your event without breaking the bank.

Fifthly, hiring a good caterer is important as it will make sure that you do not get dissatisfied guests. There is nothing worse than hiring a caterer than does not prepare enough food or prepares food to a low quality. This will leave your guests walking away hungry and with a bad taste in their mouths – literally and figuratively.

A sixth point to make is that hiring the best quality caterer than your money can buy will also leave you happy. This especially the case if you are hosting your wedding, your birthday party or your wedding anniversary – your experience of the event matters too, and there is no good reason you should not treat yourself to the best that you can afford.

This leads to the next point, which is that you should also choose the food that you love and the theme that you love for your event, even if this means that you are spending a little more for service from a top caterer.

Our eighth reason to hire the best French cater that you can afford is that they will often include excellent service as standard. Service makes up a great deal of your experience with a caterer, and having expert, seasoned professionals serve your meal will make all the difference.

Next, the best caterers will also be able to recommend on the right table decorations for your event, never missing a detail such as the right table arrangements or the right serving dishes. Outstanding caterers differentiate themselves on the finer details, which you should look for.

Lastly, the last reason for hiring an outstanding French caterer is that you know you will not walk away disappointed. If there is a key event where the catering has to be just right to make the best impression, hiring the best is the often the path to assured success of your event.


How the Best Catering Companies Make Your Event Memorable

download (20)Organizing any special occasion can be exciting but also stressful, with many different factors to consider and different aspects of the event to coordinate. This includes everything from sending out invitations right through to finding the entertainment for the day or evening in order to keep all guests happy.

With that said, one of the most important things to get right is booking a great caterer, as this can make huge difference in people’s experience of your particular event. Indeed, finding a great caterer can actually mean that the event is memorable in all the right ways; here is how the best catering companies make your event memorable.

The first way that a caterer can make for a memorable event is by serving something that guests do not normally enjoy during their meals at home. This can be a foreign cuisine or a themed dinner, both of which have their advantages and are suitable for different types of events and guests.

Themed catering options can include having a French fry bar, a waffles bar or a crepe bar. Others can include sushi bars or salad bars. In these instances, people can select the flavours that they enjoy to experience a fun, more personalised offering that leaves everyone feeling satisfied.

These can also add to the ambience of the event, with the theme contributing to the atmosphere that is trying to be created. A great example of this is at a baby shower or an engagement party, where a sweets bar is the only thing on offer. This can add a unique touch to the event and make it stand out from the typical party food.

Another way that the best catering companies make your event memorable is – as mentioned above – by offering a type of cuisine that is out of the ordinary for many people. Often this consists of cuisines from specific regions of the world, including French, Italian, Russian or Japanese food, and many more.

This can be an excellent choice for more advanced occasions such as corporate dinners and weddings, especially in the case of luxurious cuisines such as French cuisine. In many cases it is possible to hire a caterer that is professionally trained in the country whose cuisine he or she is preparing and serving.

Typically, fine cuisine is only served at restaurants, which can be out of many people’s budget. For this reason, serving up an exceptionally high quality meal the likes of which are only found in the best restaurants will mean that a lot of guests are going to be walking away very impressed with what they have been treated to.

Of course, offering up exquisite cuisines or themed events are not the only ways that caterers can make a real positive impact at an event. Often these culinary experts are also professionals at providing great service and table decorations, meaning that your guests will be impressed by the quality of service and the aesthetics of the meal too.

This can include an exquisitely laid buffet table that is a feast for the eyes, and attentive and knowledgeable servers who can recommend on each and every dish served. In some instances, a fully trained professional chef will even be preparing dishes from scratch right in front of the eyes of guests.

This can make for some great memories, and is another way that the best catering companies make your event memorable. From delivering the best cuisine right through to ensuring that service is top notch, hiring a caterer can make all the difference at your event, leaving guests walking away fully satisfied and with some great memories of how spectacular the catering was.